Google Ads to Amazon

Ampd Google Ads to Amazon

Attribution for Google Ads -> Amazon Listings

We can advertise your Amazon product listings and storefronts on Google Ads with attribution. We track your ACoS just like we do on Amazon Ads. Login2Profits is one of the first agencies to offer this service and proud to be an partner agency.

"As a former Google Partner Agency Owner with
400,000%+ ROI SEO projects, I recommend this service."
Thomas Syvertsen
Thomas Syvertsen
CEO @ Login2Profits LLC

Why use Google Ads to Amazon

Amazon spend about $7B on Google Ads annually, 
Why aren’t you spending anything?

Shopping Starts on Google?

A lot of shoppers go directly to, but many start their shopping journey on Google. This is a great opportunity for you to show up in Google with your website, your amazon storefront and your amazon product pages. Finally, we can track attribution.

Lower True ACoS (TACoS)

By running Google Ads, you can boost your organic Amazon sales and lower your TACoS or True ACoS, which is ad spend/total sales. You don’t need to spend nearly as much on Google Ads as you spend on Amazon Ads to see positive results. Amazon’s 10% referral bonus will lower the ACoS even further.

Product Launches

Amazon values products that acquires them traffic from search engines more than products that don’t. By spending just a few dollars on Google Ads you can outrank your competition organically, everything else being equal. This becomes important when it comes to product launches.

Ampd Certified Agency

Login2Profits is one of the first certified partner agencies that is able to track attribution from Google Ads to Amazon. The owner of Login2Profits had a Google Certified Partner Agency back in 2016, so we are very familiar with Google Ads. Login2Profits is also becoming Google Certified shortly.

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