Top 12 Best Amazon Tools

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Login2Profits #1 Tool for Amazon Ads

Microsoft Excel

We use filters and v-lookup for campaign management via bulk uploads. For reporting, we use simple formulas and pivot tables. The sales growth is much greater and the ACoS much lower compared to campaigns managed by Amazon PPC management software like Sellics, Ad Badger, Perpetua or TeikaMetrics.

Best Tools & Software for Amazon Sellers

Like Frank’s Red Hot®, we put this shit on anything except Amazon Ads PPC bid changes and reporting. We believe this is the best suite of seller tools for Amazon FBA.

Scope is an Amazon keyword and product research tool that helps you plan your keyword strategy for all of your SKU’s. We use Scope to view revenue estimates and search volume.
We use Merchant Words to find related and complementary keywords when doing keyword research for our clients. It’s also a great tool to see what the top ranking products are for certain keywords in the Amazon listings.

Our own secret sauce to increase amazon ad sales while reducing ACoS. We use this for all Amazon Ads Management clients. Excel File + Video Instructions. For PC & Mac. Sold here.

Keywords Everywhere is a great tool for quickly referencing keyword volume, CPC rates, and competition score inside search engines (like directly. Works great on other SERPs like Google, Bing, and YouTube.

AI re-pricer, we use it for clients we provide total account management. Pricing competitively is a huge part of getting more sales on amazon. This tool helps us do exactly that.

A third awesome price tracker giving you price history charts and is full of awesome features. Keepa works great to follow and understand your competitors pricing, so you can price competitively on Amazon, as well as maximizing profits.

Free price tracker for amazon sellers. Designed for consumers, but just as effective for Amazon Sellers that just need to track a few products in your category. Provides price history charts similar to Keepa. 

Another great price tracker with Browser Extensions for Chrome, Safari, FireFox & Microsoft Edge. Ability to make a free account on

We are one of the first Amazon Agencies to become certified, meaning we can implement Google Ads campaigns to your Amazon Listings with attribution, so you can track ACoS & ROAS on your Google Ads to Amazon traffic.

Increase your review rate up to 200% – Free and automated software that will ask for reviews at the perfect time, which is 7-30 days after orders. You set the timing for each ASIN.


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