Amazon Listing Optimization

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Amazon Listing Optimization

There’s a secret to Amazon listing optimization. We have a proven formula that has worked for clients that sell everything from hammocks to dog and human supplements.

As the Amazon marketplace continues to grow in 2023, the quality of your product listing is incredibly important. This includes:

  • Your title
  • Your description
  • 5 descriptive bullets
  • 7 product photos &
  • Enhanced brand concept.
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Milen G.
Amazon Entrepreneur

Your Title

A product’s title is incredibly important because it tells Amazon’s algorithm what your Amazon product  listing is. This means that, if Amazon doesn’t deem your product relevant to buyers, your item won’t show up in their searches.
Your title should reflect some of your product benefits and features, as well as the purpose of the product and what it actually is. Keywords are imperative to include in great product listings which happen to be one of our strong suits.

Your Bullet-Points

You can only have 5 bullet points for your product so it is imperative that these are perfectly written. Your product’s best feature goes on top, followed by the less important one. Every bullet can be around 500 characters which is enough to include your keywords and describe your product effectively. 
Your bullets should let customers know exactly what you are selling, how your product can help in day-to-day life and include keywords to boost your product ranking overall. 

Your Description

An honest description of your Amazon product listing’s features that is concise, friendly and honest can go a long way. Use verbs, super adjectives and expand on the contents of your bullets in better detail.
Relate to how shoppers will use your product, talk about real-life issues your product will help to solve and ultimately discuss what happens after your shoppers buy and use your Amazon product. 

Your Photos

A well-done Amazon product listing will get your item in front of potential shoppers. Your photos will be the reason why those shoppers will actually click through to your actual listing and may be the reason why they convert. 

Amazon requires product photography to fill 85% of the photograph with the product itself. It must be a minimum size of a necessary 1000 pixels and shot in a way that doesn’t violate Amazon’s image requirements. Check out our amazon product photography services.

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