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We are 8 figure


for agencies, brands & third party sellers

a different kind of AGENCY

No Software

MANAGED BY HUMANS – Higher sales, better ACoS

GET DATA DRIVEN IDEAS – For content and pricing


No Contracts

PAY MONTH TO MONTH – No long term contracts

EASY CANCELLATION – No questions asked

Just Profits

ANY TARGET ACOS – As low as 1%

COMPETITIVE PRICES – 50% of an employee



Sponsored Ads Management

PPC MANAGEMENT – Campaign setup and management

SCALE YOUR SALES – Sky-rocket sales using proven PPC strategies

Listing Optimization

LISTING REDESIGN – Professional sales copy written for Title, Bullet Points, Description

COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS – Take market share from competitors


Graphic Design

PRODUCT IMAGES – Professionally designed images that showcase features and benefits

A+ Content – Create high quality A+ Content to set your listing apart

Amazon Categories & Marketplaces

We have experience optimizing listing and managing PPC ads in all formats in almost any product category you can think of. We have marketed over 20,000 SKU’s with PPC on, and Our PPC managers have experience managing both brands and private label products in the following categories.


  • Supplements
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Snacks & Foods
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Sport & Outdoors
  • Patio, Lawn & Garden
  • Home & Office
  • Pet
  • Toys
  • Fashion & Clothing
  • Exercise & Fitness

Amazon PPC Campaign Management


Automatic & Manual Campaigns | Weekly & Monthly Reporting

Amazon PPC Experts Come Up With Valuable Insight

Generating New Ideas

Login2Profits’ Amazon Experts use advertising data to generate ideas for content updates, line extensions, product development, bundling and more.


Millions of Ad Spend ($)

Millions of Ad Revenue ($)

Cups of Coffee

Amazon PPC Experts - Smaller Amazon PPC Agency - Better Results

our success depends on your success

WE ARE SMALL – Most Amazon PPC Experts want to be big. Unless your company has extreme advertising needs, one PPC Manager puts headphones on, logs into Seller Central and manages your Sponsored Ad campaigns. With intimate knowledge of your brand and its followers, the PPC manager can easier achieve your channel goals. Managing Amazon Sponsored Ads successfully is not a team sport. Login2Profits wants to stay small in client numbers, so we can deliver greater sales and profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can manage ads for up to 25,000 SKU’s per Amazon account.

If you are serious about Amazon, you are leaving money on the table if you are not using Sponsored Ads. Ideally you should have Amazon PPC Experts managing your PPC campaigns. So should you go with an agency or a consultant? It depends. If you have multiple Amazon accounts (10-20) and SKU’s (100K+) it can be unmanageable for a single PPC Manager, and you will probably need to work with an agency with the manpower you need.

However, if you have less than 25,000 SKUs spread over 5 or less accounts, you should pick an Amazon PPC consultant, like we have here at Login2Profits. It will save you money and get you better results. The consultant doesn’t have the same overhead as an agency, and can charge less. Since they have less clients, they also have more time to spend on your campaigns.

In most cases, no. There are currently no artificial intelligence (AI) or software on the market better than humans, even when considering the lower costs. Software’s cannot compete with humanly managed sponsored ads.

Amazon PPC Softwares’ struggles to achieve target ACoS and typically reduces sales

Ignite has a confusing way to get it to make bid changes, while Teica Metrics just provides you with a list of tweaks, but you have to make them yourself. So much for automation. If you can’t afford an agency or Amazon PPC Consultant, you are better off starting a few automatic campaigns and managing them yourself.

P.S. We are not saying that you shouldn’t use softwares in your Amazon business, just don’t use them to manage sponsored products alone. They can be good for certain tasks and save time for the right type of accounts. They are wonderful for keyword research, determining ad spend etc.

How do I get ranked better?

The fastest way to get a product ranked better, is by running a PPC campaign, this shows Amazon that you are relevant enough for the search term (keyword typed into amazon) to get sales. Simply put, Amazon ranks highest, what sells the best for each search term.

Which Softwares do you use?

The most powerful way to manage Sponsored Products is with Excel and bulk uploads. So we don’t use any additional software for this. However, our favorites for keyword research are Scope’s Chrome Plugin and Merchant Words. You can read more about our favorite tools here.