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Make Your First Million Dollars Online And Buy Your Dream Car Like I did

Make Money Online -
10 Hr Video & Audio Course - With Free & Low Cost Resources - Free NDA's & Contract Templates

A lot of people ask me, How I went..

“From Unemployed to $37.85K per Month in 120 Days of Starting My B2B Service Based Business on a 5 year old MacBook Pro.”

Doing What I Want, Golfing, Driving my Porsche 911 and Hanging Out with my Dog.

– My name is Thomas Syvertsen and I have been Making Money Online 19 of the last 20 years in my career, selling amazon marketing services. The only year I worked in an office was to learn Amazon in 2017, which was very much online related. This is the last course on making money online you will EVER need. In the module “CNC Mindset” we teach you to never buy a course or go to a seminar ever again.

Job security have seen better days, pay has been stagnant for decades while cost of living has doubled in many places. I am no financial expert, nor giving financial advice, but I am an expert at making money online and I will show you how you can do it too, even if you have failed before, by selling in-demand b2b services.

I’ll teach you about the B.S. in this industry, with fake gurus flexing their cash, etc. Entertaining, but the Sports Cars, Mansions & Models are mostly rented and their lifestyle is costing more than they make selling courses in the long run. Not the best business model.

What I am teaching will not make you millions per year, but have much higher odds of success. Depending on your talent, industry & work hours you could make $60K-$100,000K/year within a couple of months. I could see some talented people do $750K-$1M their first year. But for a lot of people, making $50K working online 20hrs/week, will be a big upgrade vs. a full time office job.

Benefits & What You Will Learn

  • Be Your Own BOSS, Working From Home – Not being told what to do is amazing
  • Do What you Love – Pick your Field of Work – Labor & In-person jobs can be lucrative
  • Work Online or Offline While Traveling Doing Meaningful Work
  • Sleep as Late as You Want – Or Enjoy Hobbies During the Day
  • Work Only 2- 10 Hours Per Week – While Making 3x More Than a Job
  • Make as Much as $1,250 – $60,000 / hr – That’s right 
  • Make Multiple 6 Figures On The Couch – Go Outside for Checks
  • Focus on Fun & Hobbies – I Like Sports Cars, Golf & Traveling
  • 0% Start Up Risk – Start Up Cost = $0-$3000 – I used $500 and $750 for my two startups


What This is Not, and What You Don’t Need to Make Money Online – Great for People With No Money

  • No Prior Experience, Education or Special Background
  • No Prior Skills in Photoshop or Technology
  • No Connections or Large Business Network 
  • No Need to Become a Celebrity or Influencer
  • No Employees or Business Partners
  • No Capital or Product Inventory to Buy
  • No Drop Shipping or Illegal Dry-Testing
  • No Amazon FBA/ Amazon Arbitrage
  • No Risky Investing in Crypto or Stocks or NFT’s.
  • No Marketing or Sales Skills – We teach you all you need
  • No Website or Business Cards – Get them later if you want
  • No MLM / Affiliate Marketing or Promoting Scams
  • No Social Media Following Needed
  • No Real Estate to Buy or Rent for Your Online Business
  • No Courses to Buy, Webinars or Seminars to Attend
  • No Books to Read or AudioBooks to Listen To
  • No IG/FaceBook/Meta Ads to Run
  • No LLC or Corporation Needed Until You Make a lot of Money
  • No Expensive Equipment Needed – Cameras, Computers, etc.
  • No Risk – Unlike most Businesses – You are Selling Your Time Only
  • No Content Marketing Needed (Social Media, YouTube, etc)
  • No Podcasts to Listen to or YouTube Channels to Watch
  • No Diets, Supplements, Smart Drugs or Ice Baths to take
  • No Politics, Religions or Cults – Keep Your Political & Religious Beliefs
  • No Need to be a Morning Person or Type-A Personality
  • No to Very Little Money to Get Started
  • No Risk to Get Started – Just time

All you need is a Smart Phone & Computer, Notepad + Pen

If you already have a smart phone, a tablet and/or a computer you can start making money online within 2 weeks by doing copy paste marketing for your new service based business, or worst case land you a well paid job in your industry, taking a step in the right direction. If you are not making money online in 3 months, this course is free. Most of the cash intensive start-ups on the list above have a fail rate of 95%+, why take the chance going up against brands with deep wallets.

Why listen to me?

I have made 99% of my money online doing marketing services for regular businesses like gyms, wedding photographers, auto-part makers, large Amazon sellers & CPG brands for 20 Years straight, and not by selling “Make Money Online” advice. There are tons of regular businesses with all sorts of needs that could be met by your company’s services. You can earn a very nice living if you could just land 5-15 paying clients in almost any b2b service industry. To maintain that customer base, you’ll need very minimal marketing as well. The most I was spending $450/month in marketing, making me $33K in profits. 

Depending on your talents, you can make $15-$50/hr or more online immediately doing all sorts of tasks and projects. You become even more skilled and you start building your personal brand. This method works for writers, graphic designers, web designers, social media managers, online marketers, coders, computer engineers, CAD designers, entrepreneurs, photographers, photo and video editors, podcast or audio producers, voice over talent, e-commerce account managers, trademark attorneys, accountants, customer support, telemarketers & for any task that can be done and delivered online.


What is Included With Our 10 Hour Video Course – 10 Folders – 9 Training Modules – NDA’s & Contracts Templates

  • MMO – Do what makes money online in the real world, if you don’t have a lot of money, you can only sell services
  • TTM – Thomas Time Management (TM) – Outsourcing & Project & Risk Management – Contractors vs. Employees
  • SRS – Success Recognizer System – Most People Fail Putting Time into Failing Businesses. Giving up sometimes is the best move. Platform Mastery: IG, Google, Amazon, Snapchat, Poddcasting, YouTube etc
  • MTMRS – Mountain to Molehill Resume System – Become Impressive By Being Impressive
  • QuickStart Guide – What Steps to take to start Making Money Online in Weeks, Not Months
  • CNC Mindset – Creation Not Consumption – Consuming YouTube videos and audio books, or worse buying courses and going to seminars is not gonna help you make money. Spend the money & time you save on building your own brand.
  • Consultative Selling – A low pressure sales method popularized by Brian Tracy, mastered by you.
  • Just In Time Purchasing – JITP – Never buy a product or service for your company until last minute = Big savings
  • Bonus eBook –  WSHAS – Why Side Hustles Are Stupid,  If your main thing makes you less than driving Uber or $15/hr, you need to make better choices. Consider changing field of work, or to a new industry.
  • I love Podcasts, so I made this available in audio formats for the people that like learning on the go.
  • Slides in PDF Print Ready for notes.
  • All Contracts & NDA Templates Needed to Run A Digital Service Company in the US. See local attorney if abroad.
  • Our complete setup with hosting plans, website, tech solutions, tech gear and more. You will not need anything fancy to implement what I have been able to do scale your own service based bran

Top 4 Hobbies

Porsche 911 & Miura Golf Bag
Play Golf - My Bag & Car
Play with my dog - Make Money Online
Play With My Dog - Miriam
Two Snowboards - Make Money Online
Snowboarding - My 2 Boards
Porsche 911 on Las Vegas Rooftop Parking
Porsches - My 997.1

"The Last Guide to Making Money Online"

  • 10 Hours of Video & Audio – 7 Modules
  • List of Free & Cheap Resources Needed
  • No More Expensive Items or Courses to Buy
  • You Share or Receive Information NDA Templates
  • Contractor Agreement Templates & More
  • Consultative Selling & Free Lead Generation Methods
  • All You Need is a Smart Phone & Computer
  • Make Money Online in 3 Months – Or its Free

Price goes to $3995.95 when the “Early Bird Offer” expires.

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